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1.[New!]9/15/2004 Newmark International signed an agreement with Sanitary Pest Control in Las Vegas to develop a new product using thermoelectrically cooled air to control pest in a non-chemical methodology. This technology is being patented by the inventor and Newmark International will carry out the prototyping and future manufacturing.

2. 6/2004 Newmark International enters into sales contract to provide custom TE modules for a CPU cooler manufacturer. Press release is pending.

3. 4/20/2004 Newmark International Adds New Product Line.

See the Press Release 2 for more details.

 4. 8/12/2003 Newmark International Establishes Internet Presence
See the press release 1 for more details.

Press Releases

These are the future release template

bullet04/20/04 -- Press Release 2
bullet08/12/03 -- Press Release 1


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