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Thermoelectric modules are solid-state devices (no moving parts) that convert electrical energy into a temperature gradient, known as the "Peltier Effect" or convert thermal energy from a temperature gradient into electrical energy, the "Seeback Effect". With no moving parts, thermoelectric modules are rugged, reliable and quiet heat pumps.

Please click here to download a primer on thermoelectric cooling technology.

TE Cooling Modules

A full line of TE modules with a variety of size, Vmax, Imax is provided. Silicon sealed modules are available for moisture protection. These modules offers great values to our customers - we don't run our business with big overhead, so we pass on the savings to our customers with high quality yet low cost products.

Power Generating Modules

Two different types of hot side surface are available: ceramic or metal.

TE Assemblies

We carry two standard air-to-air cooling assemblies: 260 BTU and 750 BTU. Custom assemblies such as cold plates, cold probe, etc. are made to specific application. Our expertise in assembly is very strong: we have developed a variety of thermoelectric assemblies for our customers across the full spectra of industry. 

We also offer custom made heat sinks and heat exchangers.


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